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About Me


Hi! My name is Jenny and I'm the owner and designer of Ditzy Quilts! Everything in my shop is designed and made (as well as photographed) by me!

I live in the West Midlands, and make my quilts in my home studio. When I'm not working I like to play video games (everything from simple platformers to epic online multiplayer and fantasy role playing games), as well as being an avid reader of the fantasy and science fiction genre.

As of the summer of 2015 I have recently re-opened my shop, after having 9 months of maternity leave following the birth of my son, Caspian. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do (and a lot of fabric to work my way through) but I am enjoying getting back to work and having something to focus on!


In my academic life I trained as a Geologist before going on to specialise in Micropalaeontology - which is the study of very small fossils. So alas, no dinosaurs! Both courses allowed me to go on field trips all over the UK and Europe and are experiences I greatly value. The most defining of which was an individual 6 week project on a remote Scottish island, with the purpose of mapping its geology.

With regard to hobbies, aside from quilting I also have an interest in photography, particularly fauna and flora. When I'm not doing any of these you will often find me playing video games, the piano, or reading a science fiction/fantasy book!


While I can't say that I've been interested in quilts from a young age, I can say that I was always interested in art and craft generally. Presently, textiles is where my passion is, but when I was young I was much more interested in the art side of things, and I still have a whole cupboard full of artists supplies from my teenage years! This joy at creating things led to me taking both Art and Textiles at GCSE, which is where I learnt how to use a sewing machine.

London Stairs Quilt
London Stairs - My First Quilt!

With thanks to encouraging teachers, I did well in both subjects. In textiles, I created a large wall hanging for my final piece which was had the theme "Australia". Unlike other schools in the area, our course did not cover dressmaking, so we learnt a large range of other techniques including fabric painting, applique/reverse applique, stenciling, silk painting and even rug hooking!

Batik QuiltKing Size Batik Quilt - Gifted

My first attempt at quilting (pictured left) was made out of fabric scraps I fished out of the bin box in one of my local fabric shops and cost me the grand total of £2. I had a beginner quilting book and decided to go for the pattern "London Stairs" as I thought it would make a very graphic statement whilst being very easy to piece. The quilt was by no means perfect (though the wonky corners do have a certain charm!) but I enjoyed the process and continued to persevere. Needless to say I have come a long way since then, though I still look back fondly on the quilt that first started all this, as now, a few years on, I definitley have the quilting bug!

Ditzy Quilts:

Ditzy Quilts is a one woman handmade store specialising in gifts, quilts and home décor items. Everything in my shop is made by me in my home studio where I enjoy playing with various fabrics and yarns to create something special whilst singing along to whatever music has taken my fancy that day!

One of my favourite things about running a business is sourcing my materials, as much of my inspiration and design work only happens when I have the fabric or yarn in front of me. As well as scouring the internet for new fabric lines, I also enjoy shopping at local stores where I can see the fabric in person, touch it and really see the true colour and beauty within.

My favourite place to buy supplies is the annual Festival of Quilts which takes place during August in Birmingham (UK). I spent hours looking through all the individual booths, as well as thoroughly enjoying the quilts and artwork of many other artisans that are on display - all of which are very beautiful and inspiring.

I am currently working on expanding my "ready-made" items for my Etsy shop, though I am often working on private commissions along side. Most of these are for baby quilts which I love making as you can find some really great fabric that is quirky and fun. In the future I hope the be able to create some more artistic pieces for display as well as keeping up with my functional lines of home décor. Art quilts appeal to me as they allow the use of different techniques and more fabric manipulation, and result in something totally unique.

As well as quilting, I also enjoy working with yarn. I love wearing knitwear in the colder months, but often struggle to find things that appeal to me on the high street. This is why I have started developing a hippy and funky line of scarves with yarns that are colourful and chunky. This is currently a small line in my business as I only tend to knit in the winter months, but is something I would also like to expand on in the future.


This brings us back full circle. If you haven't already, I invite you to look through my gallery of previous work and my Etsy store where I hope you enjoy browsing my quilts as much as I have enjoyed making them.