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Bespoke Items and Commissions

JJB Quilt Personalised Baby Quilt

If you have something particular in mind, or just want something extra special, I also undertake commissions where we work together to create the perfect quilt for you, or for you to gift to someone else.

People commission quilts for a variety of reasons such as: a new baby, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or other life events, such as going away to university. A quilt can be designed to suit any occasion. That's not to say you can only commission a quilt to give as a gift! Sometimes you just want something to snuggle under that is in your favourite colours or prints, or want something to go with your own decor that you can't find on the high street.

With a commissioned quilt you also have the opportunity to make it even more personal, using images or words that mean a lot to you or the recipient. For example, the name of the recipient, the date of an anniversary or birth, or even an emblem or a motif.

Quilt variables:

When considering a custom quilt, there are a few things you can think about beforehand to include in your inquiry, as some choices will result in increased costs.

One of the most influential variables on price is the size of the quilt you would like. I can create a quilt to any size you require, though anything over king size would require extra consultation. For a guide to prices for custom work please see the table at the bottom of this page!

Once you have decided on size, you may want to consider what material you would like. The vast majority of my quilts are made of 100% cotton front and back, as this is easy to care for and wears well while still being light and soft. It is also the cheapest fabric option.

ZHN QuiltRibbon Embellishment
Personalised Kite Wallhanging

However, there are times when other materials may be preferred. For example, you may want your quilt backed in a cuddly fleece, or have some satin material around the edges for babies to grab hold of. Also consider embellishments such as beads, sequins, buttons, ribbon, shashika mirrors and specialist yarns, all of which can add extra dimension to your quilt. (Small embellishments are NOT recommended for quilts intended for use by children or babies as they may present a choking hazard.)

If you already have a clear idea of what you want, I invite you to email me to discuss your idea, please include as much detail in your initial email as possible, including any deadlines if you have any.

If you are unsure of exactly what you want, I still invite you to email me with a rough idea, and I will try and help you and/or come up with a few different ideas and designs for you to consider.

I am always very happy to hear from anyway interested in a custom quilt, no project is too small.

Summary of guide prices for custom items:

Size Dimensions
Centimetres (approx)
Inches (approx)
Coaster Sets 10 x 10 4 x 4 £10 - £15
Placemats 30 x 20 12 x 8 £30 - £40
Table Toppers 30 x 30 12 x 12 £15 - £25
Table Runners 30 x 76 12 x 30 £25 - £40
Baby Blankets up to 80 x 80 up to 32 x 32 £40 - £80
Play Mat 150 x 150 60 x 60 £80 - £150
Single 100 x 190 40 x 75 £150 plus
Double 135 x 190 53 x 75 £200 plus
King 150 x 200 60 x 80 £300 plus


These prices are for all cotton quilts with Quilters Dream: Green polyester batting (made 100% from recycled plastic bottles). Upgrades to cotton, wool or bamboo battings also available at extra charge.